Maintenance Registration Rules

Purchases of Leway Trading (HK) Limited maintenance products can be registered through the form below, which is registered as a product for effective maintenance.

1. The customer must complete the maintenance registration for the product within 14 days from the date of purchase in order to enjoy the maintenance service.

The customer must retain the original purchase document valid as confirmation of the effective date of product maintenance.

If the customer fails to produce the purchase document and the incomplete maintenance registration, the customer must pay the relevant repair service fee if the maintenance of this product fails to take effect.

2. During the effective maintenance period, if the productpurchased by the user is damaged or malfunctioned, confirmed by the company’s technical staff is in the normal use of the situation, the Company will provide free repair and replacement parts services, all damaged parts replaced from the user, are attributable to the Company.

3. The Company will not provide any services and charge a second-door charge in the event of the following inspection and maintenance conditions or conditions:


Problems or damage caused by natural disasters, human error and negligence, negligence, or improper use.

4. The customer needs to assist in the handling of valid no-go zone documents for our technicians to enter and leave the restricted area for installation, inspection and maintenance.

5. Leway Trading (HK) Limited reserves the right to amend the above terms and conditions without notice and to have the right to make the final decision in all disputes.

6. All maintenance services are only suitable for use in Hong Kong.

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