Mailing service

Order online at any price of HK$300 or above to enjoy free local mailing service in Hong Kong (except projection screen)
*(For non-industrial and commercial areas and remote areas, a surcharge of HK$30 is required; for details, please visit SF Express.)

Product Maintenance Terms
For all products with maintenance services, the customer must present the original purchase document, and the maintenance period will be based on the purchase date on the document. The maintenance service does not include man-made/accidental damage and consumables on the product (such as light bulbs, flash tubes, LEDs, etc.). If you need repair service, please bring the repaired product and invoice to the store. The company reserves the final right to decide whether to guarantee or not.

If the quality of the product purchased by the customer does not meet the production standards (excluding the function, artificial damage and scratches that have been tested on the spot), the product and the original packaging, such as carton, box, The instruction manual, unfilled warranty card and invoice will be returned at the store. All consumables (filters, cleaning agents, light bulbs, etc.) will not be returned or exchanged. In any case, our company will not provide on-site inspection, repair and replacement services. All goods cannot be returned to cash, the company reserves the final right to decide whether to guarantee or return.